The Winery

Tenuta Sant’Anna is the historical heart of  Le Tenute del Leone Alato and the best known and longest standing of the groups’ brands. It hosts the headquarters and it is one of the largest vineyard-wineries in the east of the Veneto region.

Founded in the early 60’s, Tenuta Sant’Anna was one of the first viticultural properties acquired by Le Tenute del Leone Alato and ever since the 1970’s it has been stretching the limits of innovation. TSA immediately made a name for itself thanks to its excellent products and for the inclination to prefer single-variety vinification in such a way as to bring out the best of each grape. Equipped with the latest technology along with professional competence and know-how, the winery stole the limelight with the distinctive quality of its own wines, becoming one of the most prominent protagonists of the Italian wine-making scene.

The estate, which lies some 50 km east of Venice, covers 150 hectares, 140 of which are dedicated to vine growing. It straddles the border between the province of Treviso and the Friuli region. The winery’s production philosophy therefore looks in two directions, towards the rigorous, clean taste of Friuli wines on the one hand and towards the production of refined sparkling whites on the other. Tenuta Sant’Anna main strength is of course its Prosecco, made in the traditional Charmat method, well recognized for its elegance and pleasantness, now available in both Extra Dry and Brut version as well as a fun ‘Frizzante’ screwcap bottle.

2015 heralded big changes for Tenuta Sant’Anna and for Le Tenute del Leone Alato: the aim was to strategically reposition the group’s brands. To do so Le Tenute del Leone Alato brought in Riccardo Cottarella, one of Italy’s most highly respected and vastly experienced winemakersto contribute his specialist knowledge to the group’s vine growing and wine making team. The team is dedicated to improving vineyard management methods and production protocols with a goal of adding value and expressing the specific characteristics and unique qualities of each estate.