The Distillery

Bonaventura Maschio is a family distillery with over a century of history across five generations.

In the late 1800’s, the Maschio family cultivated the land and distilled grappa using a portable still. After travelling through Romania and Hungary, they returned to Veneto with the portable still, a symbol of their identity, the heart of an ongoing family tradition.

Just a stone’s throw from the gravel bed of the River Piave in Gaiarine, Antonio Maschio set up the company. It was his grandson Bonaventura who gave an entrepreneurial stamp to the art of distilling, founding Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio in 1903.

Every generation of the family has dedicated a large portion of their life to the art of distilling, from great grandfather Antonio to the present Sole Director Italo, along with his son Andrea and daughter Anna. They continue the company’s tradition, always with heart, feeling, and enthusiasm, as well as rigor, character, methodical research and work, soul, discipline, curiosity, and wisdom.

Within the tradition and the art of distillation (both factors equally important), emotion has always played an important role. Emotion meaning passion: honoring tradition, while innovating and sharing and taking care of the evolution of the audience’s preferences. It is a business that has always sought and found – through hard work, research, and strict quality control – the true expression of essential and authentic values.