The Distillery

A great family and an even greater shared passion. Over a century of history from five generations: from great grandfather Antonio to the present Sole Director Italo who, along with his son Andrea and daughter Anna, carries on the Company’s tradition, a business that has always sought and found in hard work, study and research, and strict quality control, the true expression of essential and authentic values. With the Maschio family, whole generations of viticulturists, distillers, oenologists grew-up and were educated. Everyone sharing his own experience longing for quality and innovation on each creative and productive aspect.

The outcome of this great experience is a way of facing life and work that follows strong yet indispensable and simple rules: everyday hard work, attention to research, quality… Everything focuses to a main target: educating the world to the culture and excellence of the Italian way of distilling. Bonaventura Maschio strives daily for this scope. With its prestige and distillates.

Within tradition and the art of distillation, both factors being part of our experience, emotion has always played an important role. Emotion meaning passion, sharing and taking care of the evolution of the audience’s preferences. To enhance to its best the gratification of those who chose to drink and enjoy a Bonaventura Maschio’s product, it is essential that we fully experience all sensations which accompany our daily work. For this very reason, we have decided to present our ranges of products as an imaginary tour combining these very feelings and emotions. All this represents our distillates, in all their diverse yet unique intensity.