Amaro Bonaventura Erbe e Fiori

DISTILLERY Bonaventura Maschio

“Erbe e fiori” is a fresh take on the Amaro Bonaventura the company used to produce during the past century, keeping the original focus on flowers as our true inspiration.

If Prime Uve Bianche is the quintessential expression of the personality of a vineyard, with “Erbe e fiori” we add the scents of the garden. This Amaro is like an imaginary stroll in a blooming field: you will experience floral notes of geranium, rosewood, linden and cornflower.

The pleasant bitter side is granted, among others, by nettle and bogbean, with a fresh citrusy scent on top. The closing is enriched by echoes of apple and pear, a gift from the grape distillate that inspired the whole bouquet.


Botanical extractions are separately accomplished through different techniques like long infusions and distillation.

COLOR Dark amber with golden nuances

AROMA Cornflower, linden, rose and delicate citrusy tones

PALATE Pleasantly bitter with fruity and floral sensations