The Distillery

The grappa private collection of the founder Trussoni date sits ancient roots back to 1885. It was commissioned by Francesco Trussoni, master of stills in Gallod’ Alba. He had the brilliant intuition of creating Grappa di Barolo, the first single-varietal grappa in history. It was his daughter Angela Trussoni who fine-tuned the production processes by adopting steam stills, which are still used today.

Grappas from Trussoni distillery are obtained through the distillation of the pomace of different Piedmontese noble wines, the most important of them being Barolo. The pomace is selected and stored with scrupulous attention during the months of distillation, in order to preserve the aromas and scents of the original vineyard. This valuable raw material is provided to us by trusted and historical farmers from the neighboring municipalities to the Barolo area, such as Serralunga, LaMorra, Monforte, Barolo, Grinzane Cavour, Castiglione Falletto, Novello, Dianod’ Alba and municipalities located in the Roero area. These are magical places, which are notoriously well suited for the production of great wines.