Sardinia is the second largest island in Italy, and is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, equidistant from Europe and Africa. Populated since the Neolithic time, fiercely protective of its own identity, it is an island full of allure and intrigue boasting a rich history and tradition. With over 1,800km of unspoilt coastline, it is renowned for beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, and fascinating rock formations.

According to archaeological research, vine and wine have been present in Sardinia for over 5,000 years – it is one of the oldest viticultural sites in Europe. In fact, dated back to this era are the first findings of amphoras and cups in the area occupied by Nuraghi, the ancient people who lived in the island. Sardinia is still extremely proud of its 120 indigenous grape varieties such as the well-known Cannonau, Vermentino and Vernaccia, as well as the historical varieties Carignano, Nieddera, Bovale and Monica.

Founded in 1953, Cantina del Rimedio is located in Oristano, the smallest province in Sardinia, and home to some of the most breathtaking natural sceneries on the island. Observant guardian of the Vernaccia di Oristano’s tradition, the Cantina del Rimedio inherits over 70 years of tradition in the production of high-quality wines, such as the well-known Sardinian grapes Vermentino, Cannonau, Vernaccia, and Carignano, and the upcoming varietals of Bovale, Nieddera, and Monica. They oversee 80 of vineyards owned by 43 committed winegrowers, located in the best production area of Sinis, managed with great care and modern technologies. With the supervision of the Cantina della Vernaccia, they have undertaken a path of innovation and development, in search of the highest and most authentic expression of quality.