The Winery

A brilliant project by Gian Matteo Baldi, Bentu Luna’s winery is located in the heart of Sardinia, where life operates the same way it has for hundreds of years.  They work with tiny vineyards rarely larger than a single hectare, often containing 10 or more native varieties within.

They care for the vineyards like living creatures; choosing the most natural soil working techniques, analyzing in depth the subsoil, the microclimate and all the biodiversity present in them; studying all atmospheric agents. Passion and love are accompanied by great technique and precision. The constant monitoring of the development of the plant, and the traditional processes such as plowing with oxen, allow for the creation of high-quality grapes and wines with full respect of the life of the vineyard.

The winery itself is the concrete expression of the ideas that underlie the whole project. Bentu Luna wants to be part of the territory and respect it, which is why the winery is built entirely from materials found in the area. Stone and wood are the structural elements; and again wood and concrete are the elements that accompany the aging of the wine. They began with the historic house of Neoneli; a simple stone structure with an internal courtyard. Concrete tanks for the fermentation of the grapes and the wooden vats for the refinement of wine were the natural additions.