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About Us

About Leone Alato USA

Leone Alato USA is a specialist importer of authentic Italian wines and spirits, including both our owned brands and other high-quality independent producers from around Italy.  We are the US import branch (founded in 2010 as Montcalm Wine Importers) of our mother company, Le Tenute del Leone Alato. 

Our portfolio includes over 25 producers from Italy’s best-suited regions for producing wine, and our experienced office and sales management teams work closely with our suppliers and customers.  We operate through a network of distributors across the United States, currently serving 26 states and counting.

We believe that each wine has a story to tell, and seek out those distinctive producers and wines who best encapsulate the unique characteristics of their territory, grape varieties, and winemaking.  We bring to market wines of authenticity and history, celebrating both the diversity of Italian wines and the distinctive local characteristics of each one.

About Le Tenute del Leone Alato

Genagricola, founded in 1851, is owned by Generali Assicurazioni, one of the world’s most important insurance groups.  In 1851, they purchased their first agricultural property, followed by the acquisition of carefully selected vineyards. 

In 2021 Genagricola created Le Tenute del Leone Alato as a new company entirely dedicated to wine. Their brands, both owned and distributed, come from the most important wine regions of Italy, including Piedmont, Veneto and Friuli.

The project is based on three founding values that unite and characterize all the estates: heterogeneous areas that are highly suitable for winemaking in Italy; openness to experimentation and the future; and persevering in opening new paths in the world of wine.

They currently own 780 hectares of vineyards, producing 65 wines (including 56 DOC/DOCG wines) and 47 native grape varieties.

Le Tenute del Leone Alato continually grows the brands they distribute by adding new countries and beverage categories (mainly spirits) and using new strategic channels, such as retail and online, to reach their customers.  Their focus is to remain a specialist and key source for the great wines of Italy while building brands and growing distribution on a global basis, with the US being a key market.