The Winery

Costa Arente is a stunning 86-acre estate (35 ha) with 42 acres (17 ha) of vineyard in the Valpantena valley near Verona.

Aquired in 2015, the estate is located in the municipality of Grezzana at an altitude of between 820 and 1150 ft asl, on loamy calcareous soils. Located at the top of a hill (‘costa’ means ‘hill’ or ‘crest’ in Veronese dialect) and surrounded by vineyards on three sides, the exposure of Costa Arènte is particularly favorable for the production of healthy grapes, able to withstand the drying process necessary to create Amarone, the region’s symbol.

The winery has undergone a major transformation and Giovanni Casati, experienced agronomist and dedicated oenologist, has set up residence at Costa Arente to oversee the transformation first-hand. Riccardo Cotarella, Genagricola consultant oenologist, has made this ambition his own, providing his personal contribution with passion and enthusiasm, collaborating with his team alongside Casati in definition of the final form of the products.