REGION Romangia

As generations-long custodians of the identity of Romangia, the Dettori family has produced wine since the 19th century. Alessandro Dettori became the first winemaker in Sardinia to re-focus attention on the winegrowing district of Romangia and the clones/biotypes of ancient vines, such as Retagliadu Nieddu (the historic Cannonau of Sorso-Sennori). Since 2003, respect for the land and tradition has led the family to adopt biodynamic agriculture in all its vineyards and a production philosophy based on observing the vineyards and the wines. Each Dettori wine hails from a single vineyard and is enhanced through vinification conducted exclusively in concrete tanks in a totally natural way, without the addition of sulfites, yeasts, oak, animal products, or any other additives and adjuvants permitted in winemaking.

A breath of fresh air on a hot day and concrete in its vitality: this describes the mouthfeel of Tuderi, centered on the fragrances of the Island’s headiest aromatic herbs and wrapped in elegant, velvet-clad tannins. A joyous, identity-specific wine, a true expression of Badde Nigolosu. This is Tuderi, made with 100% Retagliadu Nieddu grapes and exuberantly proud.


Historical Cannonau of Sorso-Sennori


Alessandro Dettori




Grapes are harvested by hand and quality-selected on a sorting table, then de-stemmed but not pressed. Maceration lasts 2-10 days in open concrete vats, without using starters or sulfites. Racking is always done by hand to protect the skin. The must continues its journey in small concrete tanks until bottling. Wines are not filtered, but clarified by means of natural gravity-settling, and the cold winter temperatures in the cellar help stabilize the wine. No additives of any kind are used at any point in the production process. Suitable for vegans.

LOCATION OF VINEYARDS Cru of Badde Nigolosu in the Sorso Sennori part of Romangia

VINE TRAINING Low-bush alberello, at a density of 5,000-6,000 vines per hectare


AGING Aged in concrete and glass bottle