REGION Romangia

The sweetness of Dettori Rosso, like a generous caress of a hand consumed by time, envelops the palate like a colorful shawl. The flavor is warming, sincere, bringing back to the heart and mind all this is dear to you but forgotten. 100% Retagliadu Nieddu grapes release the irresistible delicacy this marvelous land.

Its rounded smoothness, like the eager caress of a time-worn hand, or a colourful favourite shawl, enfolds the palate, and its elegant savouriness, sincere and genuine, warms your soul, recalling to mind dear memories and precious experiences. Exciting, compulsive even, its charms can overwhelm.

Such is our Dettori: The irresistible delicacy of the truth of an area marked by the marvellous.

Here is a wine that is archaic as no other, one expressing timeless culture and wisdom, a wine belonging to the past yet to our present as well, a wine forgotten by all.

Taste Dettori and you embark on an anthropological journey into the Romangia and wine-rich Sardinia.


Historical Cannonau of Sorso-Sennori


Alessandro Dettori




Grapes are harvested by hand and quality-selected on a sorting table, then de-stemmed but not pressed. Maceration lasts 2-10 days in open concrete vats, without using starters or sulfites. Racking is always done by hand to protect the skin. The must continues its journey in small concrete tanks until bottling. Wines are not filtered, but clarified by means of natural gravity-settling, and the cold winter temperatures in the cellar help stabilize the wine. No additives of any kind areused at any point in the production process. Suitable for vegans.

LOCATION OF VINEYARDS Cru of Badde Nigolosu in the Sorso Sennori part of Romangia

VINE TRAINING Low-bush alberello, at a density of 5,000 vines per hectare


AGING Aged in concrete and glass bottle