Castello del terriccio Lupicaia

REGION Tuscany

First produced in 1993, Lupicaia is the estate's flagship wine. It takes its name from a local hill where tradition says wolves have been seen (“lupi” means wolves and “aia” means area).  The two red lines on the label represent the soil in the vineyards, which derive their brownish-red color from the iron extracted by the Etruscans in this region.

Lupicaia has received multiple national and international awards and is considered one of the best wines produced in Italy. It is a big wine, full-bodied, with complex flavors – a wine made for aging and savoring slowly. This wine is the fruit of the utmost care received throughout its production, such as manual selection of the very best grapes and ageing in oak. Production is 30,000 bottles per year.


Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Verdot

Total production

30,000 bottles


After being harvested by hand, the grapes are gently de-stemmed and pressed, with particular attention to conserving the skin of the berries. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in open cap stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature with maceration of the grapes for about 20 days. Daily draining allows for the perfect extraction of the aromatic bouquet and the right tannic balance, with important structure that will allow a long aging. Aging takes place in French oak barrels for a period of about 22 months followed by a further one in the bottle before being marketed.

ALTITUDE 100-115 meters above sea level

SOIL Gravel and Sand with Tuff


PRODUCTION ZONE Castellina Marittima